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National Unions[]


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Each of your clubs is automatically part of a National Union based on the country in which the club resides. There are 36 major nations, and all other countries are part of one of these major ones. See Club and Player Nationality for a full list.

National unions are similar to normal club unions, just simpler. They do not require any leadership, they have no dues or treasury, they do not perform challenges, and they only have one rep team which is their "National Team".

The 4 Season Term[]

The international scene operates every 4 seasons. The first 3 are qualifier league seasons, and the 4th season is a World Cup.

National Team[]

Each major nation currently has one national team made up of nominated players whose nationality matches the country. At the start of the first season of each 4-season term, this group of nominated players is refreshed as below.

Player Nominations[]

First, the national scouts will look for the most talented players with high levels across multiple position types. Up to 15 forwards and 15 backs will be selected as utility players who can receive votes for multiple positions in the lineup.

Then for each of the 10 rugby position types (Prop, Lock, etc.) we gather a further 15 players for a total of 150 players per country, in addition to the utility players. Working down the list for each position, highest level first. We continue picking players down the list until 15 players have been selected for each position type.

Each player (including utilities) gets an 80% chance of being selected. The other 20% chance represents the reality that around 1-in-5 players are either recovering from a long-term injury, or have decided to take a contract to play for a wealthy overseas club.

At the start of the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons the scouts will top up the 10 position types as some players may have been sold or retired. This does not happen with utility players, so if any utility players are removed from the squad, they will not be replaced until the start of the 4-season term.


Lineup Selection[]

Clubs from that country can then vote on these players to form the national team's lineup. This voting system works much the same as rep team lineups.

Clubs can also vote on which game-plan to use for the next match, or contribute their own game-plans, again the same as the rep teams system.

National Stadium[]

For now this is a level 20 stadium (from normal unions). In the future we may allow user clubs to host their national team and receive rewards for doing so.

International League[]

During the first 3 seasons of the 4 season term, national teams take part in a simple league system with 4 teams per league. There are two division levels within which clubs may promote or relegate. In the 4th season, the Blackout Rugby World Cup takes place.

Ranking Points[]

All national teams participate in a ranking system based on the same system that World Rugby uses. This forms the World Rankings list. See this link for a full explanation:

Blackout Rugby World Cup[]


In the 4th season of the 4 season term, the World Cup is held. Only the top 32 national teams (based on the World Rankings list) will participate, while the remaining 4 teams will play in a normal league for that season.

Tournament structure[]

  • There are 8 pools of 4 teams balanced using world rankings
  • Each team plays the other teams in their pool twice in a round-robin. 3 matches in week 1, and 3 in week 2.
  • The top 2 teams of each league then enter a top 16 knockout
  • Knockout finals take place through the top 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, a bronze final, and the World Cup final

World Cup Rewards[]

The winner, runner-up, and bronze-final winner receive their respective trophies.

We also give trophies to all clubs who:

  • have one or more players nominated for the winning national team (which can include clubs outside this nation who have nominated players with the appropriate nationality)
  • have visited their own winning national union during the world cup season

More to come[]

National unions is a basic system to get us started with the international scene in the game. More fun features will be added in the future!