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Each of the 34 major nations has its own national cup competition, and all clubs from that major nation and its affiliated minor nations are automatically entered. If a national cup exceeds 8,192 clubs, then the cup will be split into multiple national cups (This number is subject to change). If a cup has smaller than 32 clubs, then that nation will not have a cup competition and the clubs will take part in another nation’s cup.

Cup Tournament[]

Each cup is a simple knock-out competition, with the winner of a cup match proceeding to the next round and the loser being eliminated from the cup. Each round the home side is randomised so that no clubs receive more home matches than others on average. The home side has home side advantage, the same as in league matches, apart from the quarter-final and beyond where home side advantage is removed. The number of rounds a cup has is determined by the number of clubs taking part.

Cup matches start on the first Tuesday (day 2) of each season, with a new round every second day from there. All matches start between 5-6pm in the time zone of the home club. Kick-off can be adjusted if there is a clash with a previously arranged match.

Draws in Cup Matches[]

If a cup match ends in a draw after normal time then there is a period of sudden death extra time. If it is still a draw after extra time then there is a penalty shoot-out, where kicks at goal are taken from various angles until one side wins.

Cup Rewards[]

All cup matches give club cash from gate receipts, split 50/50. Match attendance is boosted from the quarter finals onwards. The home stadium size still impacts maximum attendance.

All cup matches give random rewards similar to league matches – chance of cards, tokens, and extra club cash in addition to gate receipts.

Clubs also recieve rewards once they reach the quarter finals. These include tokens, as well as budget boosts and a trophy for the winner and runner-up:

Cup Round Tokens Gained Budget Boost Trophy
Final Winner 40 10% Winner's Trophy
Final Loser 30 5% Runner-Up Trophy
Semi-Winner 20 -- --
Semi-Loser 10 -- --
Quarter Winner 10 -- --
Quarter-Loser 5 -- --

So, the club that wins the cup would earn 10 tokens for winning the quarter final, 20 tokens for winning the semifinal and 40 tokens for winning the cup, for a total of 80 tokens, along with a 10% bonus to next season's budget and a shiny winner's trophy!

The National Cup competition will begin in Season 2022.1 with the first matches taking place on Tuesday December 21 2021.